Save Money. Live Life.

Who really wants to manage their bills?

How can you be sure you’re not being overcharged?

Why is it so darn difficult to switch providers?

AutoLife is here to change your life!


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  • Onboard

    Have all your bills, policies, and services in one
    secure location  


    Set reminders, make payment and view benefits


    Receive recommendations for better comparable
    products or service  

  • Switch

    Automatically switch through our optimisation

  • Products


      • Mortgage
      • Credit Cards
      • Savings Account
      • Term Deposit
      • Superannuation

      • Motor Insurance
      • Home & Contents Insurance
      • Private Health Insurance
      • Life Insurance
      • Pet Insurance

      • Gas Bill
      • Electricity Bill
      • Mobile Phone
      • Home Internet
      • Council Rates

    AutoLife is launching in late 2020 and we’d love you to be part of our journey.

    Sign-up to be an early bird user and be one of the first to switch to AutoLife.

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